Monday, July 11, 2011

Somthing gone wrong with Animal Jam?

Hi guys!
I was on AJ and then everything just, FROZED! I was like is there something wrong with AJ? Or is it just my lap top?And then this sad puzzke piece popped up.
It was weird.. I waited for a minute then I x-out all of the stuff and now AJ is not working for meh D: 
I don't know why.. Does Animal Jam have viruses?
Don't know.......
There is somthing really wrong with AJ right now... It is having lots of glitches... What if the AJ people don't have enough money to keep it up and fixed? Is AJ gonna shut down? 
I really hope not D:
I wonder what has gotten into AJ lately... Like the smiley glitch... 
And that one glitch where ya can get on the roof of Club Geoz. 
And that really cool glitch people have somtimes where you can fly in the air.. I had that glitch not too long ago and I forgot to post about it :\ Sorreh peeps..
JAMMER FUN QUESTION OF THE DAY (I don't do this normally) 
What is going on with AJ?



  1. well i don't know what is going on with aj with you im fine with aj. nothing is wrong i think its just your lap top

  2. Happens to me alot, but then it just goes back to Aj, yours didn't work after?

  3. lol I don't get that I get "missing plug-in"

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  5. well same here only for me the link is "broken"

  6. You have to download adobe flash player again! It works for me! Tell me if it worked for you!

  7. mine doesn't even GO onto AJ and it isn't my laptop, so I do not know what is wrong with it and it is really really annoying

  8. I hate AJ now, it just wont work!!!

  9. My laptop has a virus now and I am trying to see if it is from animal jam and so far animal jam dose not have viruses (so far I dont know for sure though)